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Credit Hire Replacement Taxi Hire / Chauffeur / Licensed Vehicles 

24hr Nationwide Taxi Credit Hire Service

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Post Non Fault Accident Taxi Credit Hire & Vehicle Claim Services

Non fault accident? Require a replacement hire taxi or plated vehicle for yourself or a client? Compass Hire provide full credit hire taxi company and replacement credit hire taxi vehicle services following non fault road traffic accidents nationwide.

Credit Hire Taxi Replacement

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The Efficient Credit Hire Taxi Company

Compass Hire provide a fast efficient service for replacement credit hire vehicles of all types; regionally plated; private hire, Hackney, PCO and chauffeur vehicles. The replacement vehicle remains with the driver whilst their own damaged vehicle is off the the road due to the accident damage sustained in the non fault vehicle accident. Please note, most insurance companies offer a similar service so do check what you are entitled to and decide which service provider will best meet your requirement.


Established Taxi Credit Hire Service

With years of experience and sites nationwide, we offer expert service and immediate assistance 24 hours a day. New same day priority credit hire replacement taxi service now available to get drivers on the road and back in business.


Dedicated Taxi Credit Hire Service Team

Compass Hire have a specialist team providing plated taxi credit hire services nationwide. For customer assurance and quality of service, 

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Full Service Details For Replacement Taxi Credit Hire:


How Taxi Credit Hire Replacement Vehicle Service Works

In the event a vehicle is written off or given a stop notice due to damage from a non fault accident the first this to a arrange is a temporary replacement taxi. The service of a credit hire taxi companies like Compass Hire can prove the quickest solution to get you back on the road.

Compass Hire arrange a replacement taxi credit hire vehicle immediately, the credit hire taxi is provided until such time the vehicle damage settlement payment is made, and cleared funds available to the owner. In the event the vehicle is repairable, the replacement credit hire taxi is available until the vehicle repairs are completed. We can also process your vehicle damage claim.


Had an non fault accident in a plated vehicle And Need A Credit Hire Taxi?

If you have been involved in a non fault road accident an require a "like for like" taxi, licensed vehicle or vehicle claims assistance, Compass Hire can help. We are ready to assist with getting you back on the road, and back in business, as quickly as possible. Compass Hire provide a simple one call service for the provision of post non fault accident taxi credit hire and courtesy vehicles.


Nationwide Like For Like Taxi Credit Hire And Licensed Vehicles

Compass Hire provide full UK national coverage, we manage our own expansive credit hire taxi vehicle fleet and work with partners ensuring the correct vehicle is available when needed.

Like for Like vehicles are provided, in most cases our vehicles are pre-licensed and ready to deliver in your area. From standard vehicles to Mini buses or prestige vehicles, our fleet will have a suitable vehicle available for you. (Prestige fleet now lists Mercedes Benz S class long wheel base)

As post non fault Taxi accident replacement Taxi car hire, and licensed vehicle specialists, you can be assured we will provide the correct vehicle to fit your requirement.

There are many credit hire taxi companies that claim to provide post accident services, very few manage their own fleet or have the access to replacement taxi the Compass Hire does.


Post Non Fault Taxi Accident Vehicle Claim Service, Not Just Non Fault Taxi Credit Hire Solutions

Compass Hire provide alternative option to claiming via your insurance company. Providing post accident temporary licensed vehicle replacement and full vehicle damage claim services. There is no cost, and you have no policy excess to pay.

We arrange vehicle repair authority, to your choice of garage, or should your vehicle be a write-off, we will claim your agreed vehicle loss value. 

The vehicle claims process is made simple with Compass Hire, accident damaged vehicles are inspected within 48 hours of request, a detailed report produced and upon vehicle owner approval, the loss claim is made in accordance with the report.

You will retain the credit hire taxi replacement vehicle until you own vehicle is repaired or you receive payment for a write off.


Post Taxi Accident Credit Hire Service

We have a range of specialist in house teams specialising in services to help each sector:


Need A Credit Hire Courtesy Taxi

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Taxi Accident Replacement Taxi Credit Hire Services

Taxi Credit hire Vehicles

Compass Hire are Credit Hire Specialists for: Taxi Accidents  - Private Hire Accidents - Hackney Cab Accidents -Chauffeur Accidents - Uber Drivers. Had an accident in a licensed vehicle and need help? Compass Hire can assist.


Credit Hire Taxi And Vehicle Claim

Along with our credit hire taxi service we can also process your vehicle damage claim. Vehicle accident claims are made directly to the at fault drivers insurance company at no cost to you. You keep the credit hire taxi thought the vehicle claim process until the vehicle claim is settled. Note most insurance companies offer a similar service so please do check what you are entitled to and decide which service provider will best meet your requirement.


Further Taxi Credit Hire Service Details 

Compass Hire provides taxi credit hire, post non fault accident taxi car hire, and post non fault accident courtesy taxi car services throughout the UK. Services are at no cost to the non fault party involved in a vehicle accident with another correctly insured vehicle.


Who Pays For The Replacement Taxi Credit Hire Vehicle

The cost for a credit hire taxi after a non fault car accident are fully recoverable. All costs are recovered from the at fault drivers insurance company at standard ABI rates. There is no need to any policy excess, as the claim is made directly against the at fault drivers insurance company.


Credit Hire Taxi Fleet

In addition to our expansive post non fault accident vehicle fleet, Compass Hire hold licensed and plated vehicles for most areas. We hold vehicles plated for most counties/councils throughout the UK and we are ready to help 24 hours a day.

New vehicles ranging from standard to prestige vehicles, including hybrids, MPV, minibus, Hackney and adapted vehicles. With our expansive fleet, the right vehicle is usually ready and waiting when you need it.

Our replacement vehicles are often provided to you fully insured, and delivered to you directly. If you have a specialist requirement due to council or company stipulation, we endeavor to work with you to provide a vehicle fitting the requirement. Weather it be wheel chair access or simply the vehicle colour, we work to accommodate and find a solution.


Non fault taxi accident credit hire replacement taxi

Credit Hire Taxi Communication Equipment

Private hire vehicles can be supplied fitted with radio equipment, or we can assist in the fitting the customers required set. We work with many Taxi fleets and Chauffeur services nationwide providing fleet support, keeping their drivers on the road and in business at all times. Enabling our partners continuation of business following any non fault road traffic accident. Call Compass Hire now for immediate post non fault road traffic accident Taxi car hire and credit hire.


Taxi Accident Replacement Vehicles - Non Fault Vehicle Damage Claims