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Non Fault Car Accident Information



Know your rights and entitlements after a non fault car accident

If you have been involved in a non fault car accident you need to know your rights, entitlements and the different options you have to claim.

Every year in the UK there are 130,000 road traffic accidents, thankfully 90% of these car accidents are relatively minor and do not result in an injury. However these car accidents still create a great deal of hassle and inconvenience for the drivers involved. Knowing your post non fault car accident legal rights, claim entitlements options, and understanding a little legal information about non fault car accident law will help you when deciding upon the bast car accident claims route for you.

Often the most important services needed to resolve a car accident claim are the provision of a vehicle claims service that protects your claims history, and a immediate like for like courtesy car service after the accident.

It is important that these service are provided at no cost to you and avoid any impact on your future insurance premiums, after all you do not want find yourself penalised by your insurance company for a car accident that was entirely not your fault. Unfortunately this actually happens quite regularly, 60% of major UK insurance companies routinely increase driver car insurance premiums the following year after a non fault accident. There are ways to avoid this by selecting the correct non fault car accident claim route for you.



Non Fault Car Accident

Non Fault Car Accident? Your Claim Rights After A Non Fault Car Accident Explained


How Do I Decide Which Non Fault Car Accident Claims Service To Use

To decide which non fault car accident claim service is best you must first understand your options. If you hold fully comprehensive car insurance or motor legal protection cover your car insurance claims service is one option and can be a great cost effective solution. The second option is an independent non fault car accident claim service like Compass Hire should you not be happy with your insurers service. 


Your Vehicle Claims Choice Options After A Non Fault Car Accident

If you have been involved in a non fault car accident with another insured vehicle the first point to understand is this, you own your vehicle, it is your property that has been damaged, not an insurance companies or a claims companies. Therefore you have total control over how the resulting claim is processed. This includes which claims service you want to use, who repairs or values your vehicle, who provides a car vehicle after the accident, and who claims any losses you may have sustained as a direct result of the accident.

You must select the service that acts in your best interest at all times throughout the car accident claim process, not theirs. It is your legal right to select the claim service after a non fault car accident.

Select a service that works in your best interests and offers you the most convenient service. Many insurance companies offer great services providing everything you may require to resolve the situation, however if you are not happy with their service offering you have the option to select your own preferred service provider. 


What Am I Entitled To Claim For After A Non Fault Car Accident?

When making a claim after a non fault car accident you are entitled by law to recover any loss you incur as a direct result of the accident. You are entitled to claim for vehicle damage. loss of vehicle use. Provision of a  car hire and related charges. Travel expenses. Property damaged in the accident. Loss or earning of potential loss of earning via loss of contracted work, loss of revenue. medical expenses and treatment costs. Vehicle damage repairs. Vehicle diminution (loss of value), vehicle valuation reports. Vehicle write off and total loss value. Vehicle recovery and storage.

Your insurance company will usually provide you with a cost effective route to claim for any personal damages you may have sustained, local specialist solicitors can also offer a great solution however always check the associated costs to find your best solution.


After A Non Fault Car Accident

List of helpful to know useful entitlements you may have after a non fault car accident in the UK:



Can I Select Which Garage Repair My Car After A Non Fault Car Accident?

Yes it is your legal right to have full choice to decide who repairs your vehicle damage after a non fault car accident.


What Happens If A Car Accident Claim Is Settled On A Split Liability or 50/50 Claim Settlement Basis

If a car insurance claim is disputed by one or any party involved in the car accident claims can be settle in accordance to agreed percentage of liability responsibility. The settlement is agreed upon when there is either supporting car accident legal case law matching the accident circumstances. Or in the event no supporting evidence can be provided, by any party to clearly prove liability in favor of any given party.

For example a 50/50 claim settlement would entitle each party to recovery only 50% of each loss sustained as a direct result of the accident. There are multiple examples of case law that support many variations on of liability spit settlement.


My Insurance Company Have Increased My Premium After A Non Fault Car Accident. Don't Want To Claim On Your Car Insurance After A Non Fault Car Accident

To avoid your insurance company increasing you insurance after a non fault car accident. There are a few simple steps to follow to reduce the risk of this happening to begin with.


Claiming With Your Insurance Company After A Non Fault Car Accident

If you decide the best option to claim after a non fault car accident is to use your insurance company claims service be sure to read your policy, check to ensure you will not find yourself financially penalised later through increased insurance premiums. If they give assurance that your policy will not be effected by a non fault car accident then you are good to make your claim. If in any doubt call your insurance company for clarification.

Many insurance companies now provide excellent post non fault car accident services. Insurance companies offer services ranging from full car accident claims services, include efficient ways to claim for any injuries. And the provision of courtesy cars and credit hire vehicles after the accident to get you back on the road. 


Compass Hire Provide A No Cost Service After A Non Fault Car Accident

Compass provide service to UK drivers who are non at fault for the the accident, we can provide a independent route to claim should you not wish to claim against your own insurance. With Compass Hire we claim direct from the third party insurance company (at fault insurer) 

Should you find you're not happy with your insurance companies service speak to Compass we may be able to help.