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Non Fault Car Accident Help


Immediate Help After Non Fault Car Accidents

At Compass we specialise in providing post non fault car accident help and the provision of courtesy cars and car hire. We also provide vehicle damage claim services

We are often asked the questions; what must be done following a non fault road traffic accident? What must to be reported? What information should be exchanged, and what options are available in terms of route to settle resulting claims for loss following the accident.


Firstly What You Need To Do After A Non Fault Car Accident

Ensure all parties involved are safe, should anyone be injured or the highway is blocked by the damaged vehicles contact the relevant emergency services.

Once everyone is confirmed to be safe, and as long as it is secure to do so, it can be a good idea to take pictures of the accident scene showing both vehicle damage, and vehicle positioning on the road. This can be of help as evidence should any resulting claim be disputed.

Once this is done and if safe to do so, ensure highway is cleared of the damaged vehicles, they should be removed to a safe position so as not create any further hazard. Details should then be exchanged between all parties involved and any witnesses to the accident should be requested to provide contact details.


Information Required After A Non Fault Car Accident