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Compass Hire frequently asked questions after non fault car accidents.


Car Accident Questions After Non Fault Car Accident


Car Accident Reporting Questions:

What to do after a non fault car accident

Ensure everyone involve is safe, contact emergency services if the vehicles are blocking the road or anyone is injured.

Exchange contact and insurance details with all parties involved.

Take pictures of vehicle, there locations and take note of the accident location.

Do I need to report the accident to the police or emergency services?

If any of the following applies contact the police immediately:


What details need to be exchanged after a car accident?

You will need to take details of the following:

Taking phone numbers and addresses of all partys can be very useful, taking pictures is also very helpful.


Signed Statements Confirming Liability Proof of Liability?

These can be useful, however surprisingly will not away be sufficient to establish liability. People often later claim the statement was written in a state of shock, under duress or deny the validity. Photographs of the individuals, vehicle locations and confirm of details are always effective and good evidence. Signed statements accepting liability in addition to these are useful.


Financial Questions:

Who pays for the service?

If we offer the service the at fault drivers insurance company will pay for the cost.  However most insurance companies do offer a similar service so check what you are entitled to and decide which service provider will best meet your requirement.


Do I have to inform my car finance company?

Depending upon the wording of your policy, some require all accidents be reported. Others it will be limited to fault accidents, if you are uncertain contact the insurance company and your finance company for conformation. If your insurance is increased as a result of a none fault accident your can contest the additional premium. Often a letter from the at fault insurance company confirming your were not liable for the accident will correct the situation. 

However 60% of UK insurance companies will increase the following years premiuum at renewal for simply being involved in a vehicle accident. These practice effectively charges you as the policy holder for an accident which is entirely not your fault. 

To help avoid this speak to Compass Hire, we claim directly against the at fault drivers insurance company meaning you own insurance company service is not required. For independent consumer advice on your rights and different options to claim for a non fault car accident including details on credit hire companies like Compass Hire visit the UK Government Citizens Advice page for independent consumers information after non fault car accidents.

If you have any doubts or any concerns around your vehicles finance you must contact your finance provider and seek their direct advice


What happens if my car is repaired or written off and I have outstanding Finance?

If your vehicle is subject to outstanding finance you need to inform the finance company of the accident and the vehicle damage claim. You will need to ensure the vehicle is repaired at a repair centre which the finance company agree upon. In the event of a write off you will need to keep the finance company informed of any vehicle valuation or vehicle settle offers. If you owe a greater value than your receive as a write off offer you will be responsible to the shortfall. However if you hold a GAP insurance policy this will usually cover the difference. 

Its essential you contact your finance provider to get absolute clarity concerning your obligations and contractual requirements.


car Insurance questions after car accident

Insurance Related Questions:

Do I have to use my insurance company?

If the accident was not your fault you do not have to use your insurance company to claim you however need to inform them of the accident.

In the event the accident is non fault your may consider the Compass Hire vehicle claim service or that of any independent service you feel offers the best service. By not using your insurance company to claim, no claim is made against your own insurance policy by you, no policy excess is paid. Furthermore you will have full control of the vehicle claim, the valuation and any vehicle repairs will be carried out at a garage of your choice. Note, most insurance companies do offer a similar service so check what you are entitled to and decide which service provider will best meet your requirement.


Do I have to report a non fault accident to my insurance company?

This depends upon your policy, some insurance companies will require all accidents, regardless of fault liability to be reported. Others will only require fault liability claims to be reported. visit the Citizens Advice page for independent advice on claiming after a non fault car accident. If in doubt I consult your own insurance policy or contact them directly for clarity. If you are uncertain contact your insurance company for clarity and to ensure everything is process correctly in accordance with your policy.

Do I have to pay my policy excess?

If the accident was not your fault no. You can use Compass Hire vehicle claim service instead of your own insurance company to process your vehicle claim. No excess is paid if you do not wish to claim on your own insurance policy. However with clear non fault accidents your own insurance company will often not request you pay any excess. Its worth noting that most insurance companies do offer a similar service that of our own, so check what you are entitled to and decide which service provider will best meet your requirement.


Will a non fault accident increase my insurance premium?

It should not, however if the insurance company do charge you as a result of a non fault accident simply request a letter for the at fault drivers insurance company confirming liability,  you will need evidence stating you were not at fault for the accident. Contact to your insurance company to find out further details. Contact your insurance company for clarity.


What happens if the at fault driver is not insured?

You will need to report this to the police, you then have two possible options to progress the claim.

If you hold a comprehensive policy you can claim via that route, or the second option is to contact the MIB (motor insurance bureau) for claim assistance via their uninsured driver scheme



Vehicle Related Questions:

How does a car get classed as a write off after an accident?

Vehicle are written off by the party making the payout for the loss. Usually the third party insurance company. The vehicle is often written off if the claim or damage to the vehicle amounts to more than 60% of the vehicle value.


How are vehicle write off values calculated?

Valuations are usually a product of the current market trend to establish the vehicles pre-accident value. This is the cost to replace the damaged vehicle with a vehicle of the same age, mileage, condition and specification. This is not usually retail value but the market value, often considered to be between retail and trade value.


Can I keep my vehicle if it written off?

Quiet often is the vehicle is written off as un-economical to repair you can keep the written off vehicle. People often use the write off value to repair these vehicle and continue to use them. The options you will have in relation to your written off vehicle will depend upon which category of write off the vehicle has been listed as. Some must be disposed of only, some can be repaired. Regardless until you accept payment for the pre-accident write off value the vehicle remains your property.


Can a written off vehicle go back on the road?

If the the vehicle was written off on the basis of uneconomical to repair then often yes. Most importantly you need to look at the vehicle write off report and find out which category of write off your vehicle has been listed as. This will dictate the options available to you and the future of the vehicle.


When is a car classed as repairable?

If a car is classed as repairable this is usually on the basis the repair cost are less than 60% of the vehicles pre-accident value.


Can I select my own repair centre?

Yes. regardless of claim route is remains your property and therefore your choice as to where is is repaired. 


How are repair costs calculated?

Repair cost are valued by an engineer and subject to dismantling of the vehicle. Repair costs are valued by the replacement parts require, paint and materials and labour cost combined.


Can I repair my own vehicle?

If you wish to repair your own vehicle or claim for cash en lieu of repair you can do this.


Can I claim the cost of the repair and then arrange my own repairs?



What is a cash en lieu of repair settlement?

This a request to claim the cash only cost of repairs.


Where is my vehicle stored if it has been recovered form the accident scene?

This depends upon who arranged the recovery. Compass Hire can arrange post accident vehicle recovery from the accident location. If the police arrange recovery the vehicle will be collected and stored the a local police vehicle recovery contracted agents. vehicle are then subject to storage fees depending on the type of storage provided. See home office website for statutory fee rates.


Vehicle Claim Related Questions:
What can I claim for after a non fault car accident?

Any financial loss you have incurred as a direct result of the accident. 


How Long does a non fault car accident claim take to settle?

Depending upon the insurer and liability investigations, usually between 2 and 4 weeks.


How is liability established after a road traffic accident?

Liability is established based up the accident circumstances as the supporting evidence provided.


Who can be classed as an independent witness?

Any party no directly involved in the accident of related to or influenced by any party involved. Scotland this is different as passengers can be witnesses.


Can passengers in a vehicle claim?

Yes, they can claim for any financial loss they may have incurred as direct result of the accident


What is meant by "like for Like" in relation to courtesy cars and post accident car hire?

The hire car will be of the same size and standard to your own vehicle.