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Non Fault Accident Vehicle Claim and Repair Service

Vehicle damage claims services for non fault road traffic accidents

Services include courtesy vehicles on a like for like basis to your own vehicle and vehicle damage claims for your vehicles repair or write off value.

Vehicle accident claims and repairs after non fault accident

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How Does The Vehicle Claim And Repair Work

If the accident was not your fault and you have details of the at fault vehicle, we will almost certainly be able to help. Our service provides you an alternative route to claiming with your own insurance. 


Compass provide a simple one call services to arrange the following:

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car accident claim and repair

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Vehicle Claims And Repair Services

Not everyone is aware if an accident is not your fault, you do not have to claim with your own insurance. The at fault insurer is responsible for costs and returning you to your pre-position position as soon as possible, this includes covering the cost of a replacement vehicle when you own vehicle is off the road as a result of the accident, they will also payout for the cost to repair your car or its pre accident value should it be a total loss write off. At Compass we provide these key services quickly and efficiently to get you back on the road and your vehicle repaired or the loss value claimed back.


Need To Claim For Your Vehicle Or Repair

If you are reading this following a non fault road traffic accident we will be able to help with the provision on a suitable like for like hire car and process your vehicle accident claim


If Your Accident Damaged Vehicle Is Repairable

Should your vehicle be repairable our Repair centres offer free collection and delivery, Compass Hire provide you with a like for like replacement hire car whilst your vehicle is repaired, and all work carried out is fully guaranteed. If you wish to appoint your own repair centre that is not a problem, as long as they can safely repair your vehicle to the correct standard we can arrange repairs with them, we deliver hire vehicle to their location or your home address.


Claiming When Your Vehicle Is A Write Off

If your vehicle is a write off and the accident was not your fault, you are still entitled to a replacement hire vehicle, Compass Hire can arrange this service within 3 hours of acceptance of request, we deliver our post accident hire cars and courtesy vehicles directly to you and the vehicle will remain with you until you receive payment for your vehicles pre accident write off value. We can arrange this aspect of claim or work with your own insurance company should you have appointed them.


Vehcle Claims And Repairs

A vehicle engineer will carry out a detailed inspection of your vehicle, a report is produced with a full break down of the repair. This covers cost, parts, labour and materials required. You are given a copy of the report and ask to appoint a garage of your choice who we will then instruct to repair the vehicle. Once repairs are completed and your are happy to sign the repair centres customer inspection and satisfaction note the vehicle is returned to you and the vehicle replacement vehicle is returned.


Can I Choose The Repair Centre After A Non Fault Car Accident And Why Its So Important The You Do

Yes. Its your vehicle and entirely your choice where the vehicle should be repair. Regardless how an insurance company may try to persuade you to use their favored repair centre its important to ask the simple question,'what is the best option for me?'