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Non Fault Car Accident? Vehicle Claim & Temporary Hire Car Service? 

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Temporary Car Hire And Claims After A Non Fault Car Accident

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Car Accident Claims & Temporary Hire Car

Compass Hire provide temporary replacement post accident car hire / vehicle claim services regardless of your insurance status. So whether you have third party cover or fully comprehensive, we are ready to assist you.

The service ensures you receive a like for like courtesy car if required. We act upon your instruction and in your best interest.

Alternative Claim Route To Your Insurance Company

Had a car accident and want to claim without using your insurance? Our service is an alternative option to your insurance company. We claim directly from the at fault drivers insurance company. We can process your vehicle claim, write off or repair. 

Note, most insurance companies offer a similar service so do check what you are entitled to and decide which service provider will best meet your requirement.


Need A Courtesy Vehicle After An Accident Or Vehicle Claim Service?

If you have been involved in a non-fault road traffic accident and require a temporary replacement vehicle of any type after the accident, or you require a vehicle claims service, Compass Hire can help you.



Call our non fault car accident helpline, we provide everything you will need to get back on the road and claim back you vehicle damage losses.

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Once Compass Hire establishes the car accident is not your fault, we can provide the following services at no cost to you, all the costs are claimed from the at fault party's insurance in accordance with current ABI protocol's.


Post Non Fault Car Accident Claim Services

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Further Information On Post Accident Temporary Car Hire And Vehicle Claims

If you need a temporary replacement vehicle after a non fault car accident or vehicle claim help Compass Hire can help. We deliver a like for like replacement vehicle to you within 3 hours, delivered anywhere in the UK and provide vehicle claims service 24 hours a day.


We Provide Like For Like Temporary Replacement Cars

We provide a suitable like for like replacement hire car with all vehicle types available on fleet including: standard, prestige, sports and commercial vehicles of all types, licensed, dual control, disability vehicles and more.

All hire vehicles and courtesy cars are arrange to meet your requirement and of the same specification to your own vehicle. What ever the specialists vehicle requirement ,Compass Hire provide the right vehicle when you need it and help to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. 


Claiming For Your Vehicle Repair After A Non fault Car Accident

If your vehicle is repairable, Compass Hire can arrange accident repair to your vehicle at a garage of your choice or at one of our nationwide approved repairer centre. 


Claiming When You Vehicle Is Written Off After A Non Fault Accident 

If your vehicle is written off after a non fault accident we arrange an inspection within 48 hours. A detailed vehicle report and valuation is produced for your consideration. The vehicle can also remain your property throughout the process so you will have the option to retain the damaged vehicle even if it is written off. 


Accident Not My Fault. Want To Claim Without Using My Insurance Company? Had A Non Fault Car Accident?

If the accident was not your fault it is entirely your choice how you claim. We provide an alternative claims route to your insurance company by claiming directly from the at fault drivers insurance company. 

We offer all the services your need to get back on the road. You also have full choice to vehicle repair centre. 

Note, most insurance companies offer a similar service so do check what you are entitled to and decide which service provider will best meet your requirement.

Non Fault Car Accident Car Hire