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Non Fault Car Accident Vehicle Claims

No Cost Car Accident Service For UK Drivers

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Non Fault Car Accident Vehicle Claims Service

If you have been involved in a non fault road traffic car accident and require assistance Compass Hire are here to help.

Our expert team provide 24hr support for people requiring post non fault car accident claims , Vehicle write off claims, vehicle repairs, property damage. We also offer the provision of temporary replacement vehicle hire or a like for like courtesy car whilst your own vehicle is off the road. A

We Process the vehicle claim for you. We claim directly against the at fault drivers insurance company. The result, you have no excess to pay. You have full control over you vehicle claim. We act on your instruction and in your best interest.

Non fault car accident claims after non fault car accident

Alternative To Claiming With Your Insurance

Compass provide a single point of contact and an alternative to claiming with your own insurance company for a car accident claim.

We arrange an immediate suitable post hire car together with an alternative route to claim for your own damaged vehicle loss.

Our service includes full vehicle recovery and repair management. You do not have to claim with your own insurer if the accident was not your fault, claiming with Compass Hire may give you more options, greater control, and better service option. 

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How Does The Post Car Accident Vehicle Claim Service Work?

Put simply, we act upon your instruction and in your best interest, providing services to suite your specific circumstances.  

If the accident is not your fault, Compass provide you with an immediate hire car delivered directly to you whilst your own vehicle is off the road. Compass then work to process your vehicle claim to ensure there is no delay in arranging vehicle repairs or claiming back write off values.

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What Are Vehicle Claim Services?

For independent consumer advice on claiming after non fault accident and information on credit hire courtesy car companies like Compass Hire visit the UK Governments Citizens Advice page


Do I Receive A Courtesy Car If I Claim For My Vehicle With Compass Hire?

Yes, you will keep the post accident courtesy vehicle or hire car until the settlement payment is received in the event your own vehicle is deemed a write-off, or until your damaged vehicle is fully repaired and returned to you. 

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Ready to Help You

Compass can help with all aspects of vehicle claim following a road traffic accident, from road side assistance, vehicle recovery, to specialist repairs and engineer inspections. 

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Car Accident Claims, What Can I Claim For?

If the accident was not your fault, and the at fault driver is correctly insured, you can often claim for any financial loss that you, or any passenger in your vehicle, may have incurred as direct result of the accident. This includes claiming for everything from damaged property, loss of earning, cost of activities you may have missed as a result of the accident, personal effects, incurred costs such a phone calls and time spent resolving the claim, vehicle services such as recovery, medical costs to name but a few. The rule is if the loss is a result of the accident it will be recovered as part of the car accident claim.

For further details contact your insurance company a solicitor.


Do I Have To Claim With My Insurance Company After A Car Accident?

If the car accident was not your fault, car accident claims can be made directly against the at fault drivers insurance company. The choice of car accident claim provider is entirely up to you. You do not have to use your car insurance service or their appointed company. 

Consider what the best option is for you, select the car accident claim provider you feel will offer the best service, look after your best interests..


Further Information On Non Fault Car Accident Claim Services:

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Non Fault Car Accident Claim Services

Compass can assist you with your vehicle claim directly, arrange vehicle inspections and vehicle repair.. Compass can also simply provide a "like for like" courtesy car or hire car only services. Following a road traffic accident if the accident was not your fault you have the option to select which services you require.


Car Accident Claim, How long will the take to settle? Tips to speed up the claim Process.

Car accident claims for vehicle damage can be be settle as quickly 2 weeks from inception of claim. Depending upon the third party insurers settlement method for payment, it can be quicker still. To speed the process up and avoid ongoing non fault car hire or courtesy cars requirement there are some simple things that can speed the process along. 

Claiming For A Car. What To Do After A Non Fault Car Accident

Take pictures of both vehicles at the accident scene and gain details of vehicles involved. Decide which car claim service is best for you, your insurance company or an independent service like Compass Hire.