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Credit Hire Company Service

Credit Hire Services

Compass Hire provides full non fault car accident credit hire services. We manage a credit hire fleet of vehicles and offer a full national UK coverage 24/7.

We provide post non fault accident vehicle credit hire services directly to the public and work alongside many different business sectors in providing targeted credit hire services to meet their various specialist requirements. 


Note* Service Not Available To: Accident Management Companies, Claims Companies, Marketing Companies or Fleet Brokers


Credit Hire Service:

 Credit hire service direct

Direct To The Public

If you need a like for like credit hire vehicle following a non fault road traffic accident look no further, Compass Hire are ready to help you today. Our service is provided nationwide and is open 24 hours a day. If your insurance company have not been able to help you contact a member of the team, we are ready to assist.


Credit hire for insurance brokers

Insurance Brokers & Fleet Companies

We offer white labelled credit hire / ULR accident damage claims / First response call handling packages for the insurance broker or fleet sector.


Credit Hire Service For Main Dealers

Main Dealers

Our credit hire service for vehicle main dealers offers 'badge for badge' (brand matched vehicles) credit hire provision. We also offer onsite credit hire and courtesy vehicles for manufacturer approved vehicle repair centres.


Credit hire service for solicitors


We work with many Solicitors throughout the country helping their clients with an efficient service focused credit hire solution. If you are searching for a new credit hire company we may be able to help.



Credit Hire services after an non fault car accident

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Credit hire after non fault car accident

Non Fault Accident Credit Car Hire

Non fault road traffic accident vehicle damage claims. Assistance available 24/7 nationwide


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Credit Hire Service

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Credit hire questions

Credit Hire Service Questions

General information in relation to credit hire services.


What is Credit Hire?

Credit Hire is the title given to the type of hire provided most commonly following a non fault road traffic accident. Credit hire is used by all major insurers, fleet companies and the accident management sectors for the provision of a temporary replacement hire vehicle after a non fault car accident.

Credit hire is used to provide replacement vehicles, often on a like for like basis to their customers during the time period the customers own vehicle is off the road due to accident damage. Credit Hire is provided to the customer until their own damaged vehicle is either fully repaired or their vehicle damage claim is settled.

The cost of the credit hire vehicle is paid for by the at fault drivers insurance company. Credit Hire is only suitable in the event of a clear non fault road traffic accident. Credit hire should only ever be provided following suitability checks to ensure the service is appropriate for the individual requesting service. These check should include; proposed customers own damaged vehicle status. The road traffic accident circumstances, liability, causation, financial status and availability of any cost free temporary vehicle options. Many insurance companies offer a credit hire service or are partnered with a proffered provider.



Is Credit Hire Suitable for me?

There are a series of factors to consider when looking into suitability for credit hire.

Was the accident not the proposed hirers fault? Does the proposed hirer own the vehicle damaged in the accident? Was the vehicle damaged in the accident fully road legal, taxed, MOT’ed and correctly insured at the time of the accident? Does the Proposed hirer have access to other vehicle or do they have funds to purchase a new vehicle? Is the proposed hirer correctly licensed to drive in the UK? Does the proposed hirer have access to a no cost replacement vehicle? do they have another vehicle available to them? Does the proposed hirer benefit from temporary courtesy access via an insurance product?

All these points must be considered prior to entering into credit hire.



How is paid for and what are the costs?

Credit hire services are paid for by the at fault drivers insurance company. The daily hire rate is usually in accordance with ABI vehicle hire rate current at the time of the accident. The daily rate will usually include credit hire vehicle insurance, vehicle delivery and collection.


How Long Can I stay in the Credit Hire Vehicle?

A Customer would usually not stay in hire for longer than a maximum time period of 88 days. It is import keep all cost to a minimum following a road traffic accident, this is including credit hire charges. Excessive charges for credit hire costs due to inefficiency of claim processing may not be recoverable, it is extremely important to provide all information requested in a prompt fashion and avoid any delays to your vehicle damage claim. Ensure to arrange vehicle repairs a quickly as possible and agree acceptable vehicle engineers or insurance company vehicle valuations a quickly as possible.

If claiming via the third party (at fault drivers Insurance company) directly and ensure no delays are incurred. Make sure your damaged vehicle is available for inspection at the earliest opportunity. It is sometimes the case that a claim for vehicle damage or repair can be directed to the vehicle owners comprehensive insurance policy should this be available to ensure speed of settlement. Usually credit hire and vehicle claims service can complete the process within 14 -21 days.




Most Insurance companies work with credit hire providers so always consider all option available to obtain a suitable temporary credit hire vehicle after a non fault car accident. Only accept service from credible credit hire providers and ensure they complete all previously mentioned pre-service checks to confirm suitability. This includes any credit hire offer from an insurance company as the conditions of credit hire suitability are universal throughout providers.

Credit hire can be an extremely convenient and hassle free service when provided in the appropriate circumstances.