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Information on how to get a post accident hire car

information on details required for accident car hire and credit hire courtesy cars

Arranging post accident car hire and courtesy vehicles, what information is required?

If you have been involved in a nn fault car accident with another insured vehicle you will nee to obtain the following key details following the accident. The information will be require to successfully report the accident and make a claim for your losses resulting from the accident.

You will need to provide the following:

  • Copy of valid Driving license
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate V5
  • Vehicle Insurance Validation
  • Valid MOT
  • Vehicle TAX Status
  • Personal Identification 
  • Proof Of Home Address

You will also need to provide basic details of the at fault party:

  • Driver name
  • vehicle registration

Post Accident Car Hire And Credit Hire Courtesy Car Service

Once the details are provided, checks are completed to confirm suitability of hire. Vehicle hire will be requested and can be provided throughout the UK. The hire vehicle is provided direct to you often within 3 hours of hire request acceptance.

Compass Hire post accident car hire service provides a like for like replacement vehicle. The vehicle provided will be of a similar size and specification to your own vehicle. You can expect to keep the hire vehicle until your own vehicle is fully repaired and returned, or in the event of a total loss, until your vehicle write off settlement is paid. 

The cost of the service is covered by the at fault insurance company. Post accident car hire is only provided if suitable given non fault accident accident circumstances . Hire can be provided within 14 days of the accident, however if your vehicle is repairable, hire can be provided during the period of repair whenever this may be. Hire can be provided after 14 days should you have not been fit to drive as a result of the accident. If you want to read more about your post non fault accident rights and claim entitlements in relation to credit hire courtesy cars and non fault car hire services, visit our Legal page. For further information on claiming after an accident visit our how to claim after a non fault car accident page, or how to claim for a minor non fault car accident. If you want to claim without using your own insurance company visit our how to claim direct from the at fault insurance company page.

If you need a temporary replacement courtesy car after an accident visit our non fault accident car hire page, or select the courtesy vehicle type from the page links below.


For further information call our non fault car hire help team and a member of the team will be happy to help.

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information required for post accident car hire and credit hire courtesy cars

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