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Help After Minor Car Accident And How To Claim

If you have had a minor car accident and need help or information on how to claim after a minor car accident, Compass Hire can assist you. We provide a no cost alternative claim route to your car insurance company. On this page we aim to give detailed information on how to claim for a minor car accident and the different claim option you have.

Help After Minor Car Accident Claim

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Need Help After A Minor Car Accident? How To Claim After Minor Car Accidents

According to the latest government data, there are approximately 130,000 car accidents on UK roads each year. Thankfully over two thirds of these road traffic accident are relatively minor car accidents, minor bumps in car parks and low impact collisions at junctions. For drivers involved in these minor accidents there is still much inconvenience as a result of these accidents, knowing your rights entitlements and options is vital.

One of the most surprising consequences of these accidents is the number of insurance companies that effectively penalising the non fault driver by increasing their insurance premium the following year. Insurance companies explain that based upon their statistical analysis of car accident data, drivers involved in an accident, even if non fault, are more likely to be involved an yet another car accident in the future and are therefore considered of higher risk than before the accident. So however minor the car accident there is still a cost the the non fault driver who is effectively charged for someone else mistake. 

There are some actions the non fault driver can take to mitigate this potential loss. Firstly, check your insurance policy carefully to find out if the policy states that you only have to report fault liability accidents. If this is the case, claiming directly from the at fault drivers insurance company with the help of an independent vehicle claims and courtesy car company like Compass Hire could be the best solution for you.

The Next thing to check is that the vehicle claim and courtesy car service you use is provided at no cost and with no involvement of your own insurance company. It is often the most efficient way to claim after a minor car accident.

Divers are often unaware of their rights after a minor road traffic accident or after non fault road traffic accidents more broadly. For example did you know that if the car accident was not your fault, you do not have to claim with your own insurance company. It is actually entirely your choice to claim for the car accident with whichever claims service you feel offers the best service and will act in you best interest, not the insurance companies.

We find that the best claim route for non fault car accidents if often to appoint an independent claim service. This is because not only can claiming this way protect your insurance policy, it also avoids the need to pay policy excess, protects your claims history, gives you full control over who will repair the car. It also gives you more control over the vehicle valuation in the event of a write off. From an insurance companies point of view they can be happy to progress non fault car accident claims on this basis as they know the independent claim service provider will not delay the process. This is because efficient claiming ensures settlements can be paid quickly.


I Don't Want To Claim On My Insurance After A Non Fault Car Accident, What Should I Do?

If you are thinking 'I don't want to claim on my insurance after a non fault car accident' perhaps you should consider your options. Time to know your rights and entitlements after a non fault car accident.

The first this to note is that its you property that has been damaged, not your insurance companies, therefore it is entirely your choice to decide what is the best claims service for you, not what suits the insurance company. The same applies to the choice of repair centre courtesy car provider.

So what should you consider when looking for claims service after minor car accident or more substantial vehicle collision. Look at all the no cost non fault car accident claim services available to you, companies like Compass Hire for example. Select the one that meets your requirements both financially and in terms of service offerings. For further details visit our how to claim without using your insurance company page.

For independent advice on claiming after a non fault car accident that was not your fault visit this link to the UK Government Citizens Advice page for independent consumer advice of how to claim after a non fault car accident

What Services Will You Need After A Minor Non Fault Car Accident

You will need to claim directly from the at fault insurance company if you do not want do claim with you're own insurance company. You will need a no cost service that provides full vehicle claims, Vehicle repairs to a garage of your choice, loss recovery and provide a like for like courtesy car after the accident until your own vehicle if repaired and returned to you or write off settlement is paid out and cleared. Visit our vehicle claims and car hire page for details of how we can help.


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Need Help After A Minor Car Accident That Was Not My Fault

Need help after a minor car accident and you do not want to claim on your insurance, contact Compass Hire, we are ready to help 24 hours a day nationwide.

Had a minor car accident that was not my fault? Compass Hire Can help with a like for like courtesy car and vehicle claim service at no cost to you.

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Do I Have To Notify My Insurance Company After A Non Fault Car Accident?

The question is very common, do you have to notify my insurance company after a non fault accident, or do I have to report a non fault accident to my insurance company? The answer can be found in the wording of your policy, some insurance companies state all accident, both fault and non fault must be reported to the them usually with 21 days of the accident. However many will only require fault or split liability car accidents be reported to enable them. This is so that they can defend claims against you and get the best possible settlement in everyone's best interest.

If the accident was not your fault you can claim directly off the at fault insurance company by using a company like Compass Hire. For independent consumer advice on ways to claim after a non fault car accident click on this link to the UK Governments Citizens Advice page for full independent advice and information.

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