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 Non fault Accident Car Hire & Vehicle Damage Claim Service

Compass Accident Car Hire

Compass Hire are specialists in the provision of post non fault accident car hire & vehicle damage claim services


Non fault accident car hire and courtesy car service after non fault car accidents. Need a hire car after accident company


Accident car hire and courtesy cars after non fault car accidents

Our service is available to various business sectors and directly to UK drivers involved in a non fault road traffic accidents.

The service is available to any licensed UK driver (following suitability checks) involved in a non fault road traffic accident with another insured vehicle on UK roads.

We provide an alternative route to claiming with an insurance company, should an insurer not be offering a suitable service.

With over 20 years of experience, we provide a dependable, reliable and consistent service to our customer and business partners throughout the UK. Over the years Compass Hire has become one of the UK's leading post non fault car accident temporary vehicle providers.

Compass Hire provide a comprehensive courtesy hire car, credit hire and vehicle damage claim service. We operate nationwide with vehicle partners sites throughout the UK. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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 compass hire accident car hire and courtesy car service

About Compass Hire

Since our inception in 2001, we are pleased to state our feedback from both customers and business partners alike has been consistently positive. As a result we have been working together daily with many of our partners across a range of industries for some decades now.

This is due to our service focused open approach taken with both customers and our business partners alike. We ensure to act in the customers best interest, we only offer service when appropriate following strict suitability checks and a full assessment of all available alternate options available to the customer. We work to insurance industry standards and protocols, we are known to be a fair and dependable courtesy hire car service specialist providing post non fault accident car hire and vehicle claims services nationwide.


Compass Hire Accident Car Hire 



Accident car hire servcies

Our Service

Compass Hire work to provide an all round service package that exceeds standard expectations. We pride ourselves on providing impeccable service, ensuring customer and business partner satisfaction is maintained at all times. Our aim is to provide an ethical transparent service for our business partners, and a user-friendly efficient option for their customers.

We ensure service is only provided if suitable, if a customer does not already have access to a suitable services via their own insurance company we are ready to assist today.

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     Courtesy Hire Car Service

courtesy hire car service


                                            accident car hire and non fault accident courtesy car

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