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Prestige & Performance Post Non Fault Accident Car Hire, Credit Hire & Courtesy Vehicles

Non fault Car accident? Need a temporary replacement prestige courtesy car?

Prestige accident courtesy car hire

Compass Hire provide post accident prestige car hire and Like for Like courtesy vehicles. With our expansive nationwide fleet of vehicles from manufacturers such as Aston Martin, Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and other prestige names. Whatever your vehicle requirement we will provide a suitable prestige vehicle during the time your own vehicle is off the road due to a non fault vehicle accident. 

Prestige accident car hire and prestige courtesy cars

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Prestige car accident hire car

Post Non Fault Accident Prestige Courtesy Car Service

Compass post non fault car accident service provides a prestige like for like replacement vehicle during the time your own vehicle is not in road-worthy condition due to damage sustained from the non fault accident. If you need a prestige courtesy car after an accident contact Compass Hire.

Our service is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week with full UK coverage from nationwide sites. Vehicle delivery time is on average 3 hours from our acceptance of hire enquiry and completion of security and suitability checks, these are to ensure credit hire is the right option for a customer.


Compass Hire Post Non Fault Accident Prestige Courtesy Car And Temporary Prestige Car Hire Services

Compass Hire have been providing temporary replacement vehicles to drivers involved in non fault vehicle accidents for many years. With our expansive experience and focus on service we work meet your requirements. We offer prestige credit hire courtesy cars and post non fault accident prestige car hire nationwide.


Do I Have Pay For The Temporary Prestige Courtesy Car Service?

The service is available to all UK drivers not at fault for an accident with another insured vehicle, the cost of the service is recovered from the at fault insurance company. We also offer vehicle claim services should you not wish to claim on your own policy. 


Accident Damaged Prestige Vehicle Claim And Repair

We work with any manufactures approved vehicle repair centres, if a vehicle remained road worthy following the accident we arrange vehicle replacement during the time of vehicle repair, hire vehicles are delivered to the appointed repairer for a customer collection when booking their own vehicle in for repair, or we can deliver the replacement vehicle to the customers home address or place of work at their convenience. 


Non Fault Car Accident, Your Prestige Vehicle is A Write Off?

In the event the of a non fault road traffic accident and the customer vehicle is not road worthy and considered a total loss (insurance write off) Compass provide a like for like replacement vehicle until such time the customer has received settlement payment of the vehicle claim, and often can keep the customer in hire until such time the customer has access to the cleared funds. 


Need A Prestige Courtesy Car After A Non Fault Accident

For post non fault accident courtesy car services or post non fault accident car hire call now. Compass can also provide a non fault vehicle damage claims service if a customer does not wish to claim against their own insurance company. For details of what information you need to arrange a prestige courtesy car after a non fault car accident visit our information required for post accident car hire page. For immediate assistance or if you need a prestige courtesy car after an accident we are ready to help.


What Cars Qualify As Prestige To An Insurance Company To Enable A Prestige Courtesy Car? Can I Get A Prestige Courtesy Car After A Non Fault Accident?

Prestige cars now make up 29% of cars on UK roads today. If you own a prestige car that is involved in a non fault accident it is important to understand your temporary courtesy car entitlement.

Car insurance companies tend to follow ABI vehicle group guides in relation to post non fault accident car hire. Therefore 90% of UK car insurance companies consider prestige vehicles must be within 4-6 years old a to qualify for a true like for like vehicle prestige credit hire or courtesy car after a non fault car accident. However some older vehicle classed within groups such as super cars, hyper cars, and certain high end prestige, sports and classic vehicles will still qualify for this service via special agreement.

Prestige courtesy cars after non fault accidents are available for standard prestige vehicle over 6 years old, however the vehicle group entitlement may drop one vehicle group, for example an 8 year old Mercedes e-class driver may expect to receive a Mercedes c-class courtesy vehicle. 

If you drive a prestige vehicle that is up to 8 years you can expect to receive a prestige courtesy car after an non fault accident. If your vehicle is with 6 years its your entitlement. If you want to know how to get a prestige courtesy car after an accident contact Compass Hire.