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Legal Expenses And Credit Hire 

Compass provide fully underwritten Legal Expenses Products to ensure clients are fully protected in the event of a variety of motoring related legal issues. An equivalent club product is also available at no cost as avaible direct to the public. If you are viewing this page and require help after a non fault road traffic accident please click on relevant page within our site.

Compass Hire provide non fault accident car hire, courtesy cars and vehicle accident claims services at no cost, available 24 hours a day we are ready to help. The service is provided throughout the UK with vehicles delivered directly.

Legal Expenses And Credit Hire

What is Legal Expenses Insurance?

Legal Expenses Insurance helps you meet the cost of taking legal action or defending rights if you have a dispute with another party by providing insurance designed to meet these costs.


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What do Compass Hire ‘legal costs’ include?

Solicitors’ or barristers’ fees and charges for disbursements, opponents costs should a case fail and you be liable to pay third party costs.


Fully Underwritten Non Fault Car Hire, Coutesy Car and Vehicle Accident Claim Service.

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