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Non Fault Car Accident? Need a Replacement "Like for Like" Hire Vehicle or Vehicle Claim Assistance? 

Non Fault Car Hire Service

Non Fault Accident Car Hire

Non Fault Car Accident Car Hire

Compass Hire are post non fault accident car hire and vehicle damage claim specialists with vast experience of helping drivers involved in non-fault car accidents throughout the UK. One of the primary services customers require is the provision of a temporary like for like hire car replacement vehicle whilst your own vehicle is off the road.

Non fault accident car hire


Vehicle Claims And Post Accident Car Hire

Compass Hire also provide vehicle claims, vehicle repairs, and a full loss recovery services. The service is provided to any UK driver involved a non fault road traffic accident. We act upon your instruction and in your best interest. 

We provide full post non fault accident car hire, courtesy cars and vehicle claim services nationwide 7 days a week. (including Scotland & Northern Ireland)


Non Fault Accident Car Hire And Vehicle Claims

If you require a post non fault accident replacement hire car, or vehicle claim help due to a non fault road traffic accident, we are ready to assist you. 

One simple call to Compass Hire, and a temporary replacement hire vehicle can be arranged and delivered within 3 hours throughout the UK. For your convenience we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Compass Hire team will arrange services and give advice regarding post non fault accident car hire and vehicle accident claims. 


Non Fault Car Accident And Not Sure What To Do?

Not sure of your options following a non fault car accident, who to contact or what to do next? Are your insurance company simply not providing the service you need? In all these situations we can help you.  Make one call to Compass, and we will provide immediate assistance, answer any of your questions, and if required provide you with an alternative solution for the provision post accident car hire, courtesy cars and vehicle accident claim services.


Post Non fault Accident Car Hire And Vehicle Claims Help


non fault accident car hire help

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How Does The Post Non Fault Accident Car Hire Service Work?

Compass Hire provide vehicles based upon the circumstances of the accident, your individual requirements and need for a hire vehicle. If the accident was not your fault, you are entitled by law, to recover all your costs and expenses from the at fault drivers insurance company and be put back in the same position as you were before the accident happened.


Post Non Fault Accident Car Hire

Compass specialise in providing services such as: like for like courtesy car, post non fault accident car hire, non fault car accident claims with full vehicle damage claims services. These services offer you a like for like hire car after an accident until your own vehicle claim is settled. The service is paid for by the at fault drivers insurance company. For information on the 4 most common ways to get a hire car after an accident.

Do I Have To Pay Anything If The Car Accident Was Not My Fault?

All our services are provided at no cost to you. The service is only offered if suitable to your situation following assessment of the accident circumstances. Suitability checks are carried out prior to service offering to ensure customers peace of mind. you will find information on the different options available when you need car hire after an accident.


What If I Am Third Party Insured And Need A Post Non Fault Accident Car Hire Service?

If you have third party insurance cover, you can be responsible for paying for everything after an accident. However if you call Compass Hire and the accident was not your fault, Compass Hire provide you with full post non fault accident services at no cost to you. Our services include provision of; Courtesy Car / Hire Car, Vehicle Claim, Vehicle Repair / Vehicle Recovery. 


Compass Hire No Cost Alternative Option To Your Insurance Company For Temporary Car Hire After A Non Fault Accident

Compass Hire provide you with a post accident like for like replacement vehicle until you receive your write off payment and funds are cleared, or your vehicle repairs are completed. There are other benefits in not claiming on your own insurance policy. Compass Hire give you the choice to appoint your own repair centre, write off values are based on engineers reports rather than average book values. Compass Hire ensure you are provided with an appropriate post non fault accident hire car for the time your own vehicle is off the road. 


24 Hour Vehicle Accident Helpline


Non Fault Car Hire and Vehicle Damage Claims

Compass Hire provide specialist post non fault car accident services and help you with the direct provision of a post accident "like for like" hire car or other vehicle type. Following a non fault road traffic accident our non fault road traffic accident car hire team are available 24hrs a day. We are ready to assist you with any enquiry relating to post non fault road accident car hire / courtesy car provision.


We Deliver The Post Accident Courtesy Car or Hire Car Direct to You

Compass provide fast delivery of both car hire and courtesy vehicles following none fault road traffic accidents throughout the UK. We understand a replacement vehicle can be one of the most important factors in helping minimise inconvenience following a non fault vehicle accident. We have an average delivery time nationwide of 3 hours from approval of vehicle accident claim. Vehicles are provided on a like for like basis whenever possible, and fully insured to mirror the policy of your own vehicle. 

Car Accident And Your Insurance Company Do Not Provide A Courtesy Car

If your own vehicle is written off and your do not have courtesy car cover, or if your vehicle is repairable following a non fault road traffic accident and the courtesy car service offered to you by your insurance company or claim agent is not suitable, we can here to help. Our non fault accident car hire/courtesy car service provides you with a suitable vehicle immediately, the vehicle type will match your own vehicles specification. Our post accident car hire service replacement vehicles are located nationwide, enabling prompt delivery of vehicle direct to you. The at fault insurance company cover the cost of the hire vehicle until your own vehicle claim is settled or your vehicle is repaired.


Our Post Accident Replacement Courtesy Vehicle And Car Hire Fleet

The Compass Hire vehicle fleet are regularly updated, now with new model vehicles on fleet We hold a broad range of manufacturers on fleet, with diesel, petrol, and hybid engine types ensuring we have the right vehicle available when required. Both our post accident car hire service, and post accident courtesy car service provide you with a like for like replacement vehicle solution. This ensures the temporary hire vehicle you receive from Compass Hire will be the same size and standard as your own vehicle. For example if you drive a prestige car we will provide you with the same standard car. Visit the page link to the vehicle type you require after an accident; vans and commercial vehicles, motorcycles, prestige and sports vehicles, standard courtesy cars.


Non Fault Accident Car Hire And Car Accident Claims Help

We also offer an alternative option to your insurance company for progressing a vehicle accident damage claim.  

Further information is available throughout our website or just a simple phone call away. If you need a "like for like" replacement courtesy car / Hire vehicle following a non fault road traffic accident, or help with a non fault accident vehicle damage claim get in touch we are ready to help you.

What Is Non Fault Car Hire, Detailed Information And Conditions For Car Hire

Non Fault Car Hire, is the term given to a service that provides temporary replacement vehicles to drivers after a non fault road traffic accident. The service is only available to the non fault party of the accident, the vehicle owner must be insured, their own vehicle correctly taxed, and hold a current valid MOT. The driver of the at fault vehicle must be correctly insured and at fault for the accident.

On the basis these conditions are met, Non fault car hire would be a possible available option for the non fault driver. The service offered consists of a like for like temporary replacement hire / courtesy vehicle being provided to the non fault driver. The replacement vehicle remains with the non fault driver during the time that their own vehicle is off the road due to damage sustained in the accident. 


How Long Will I Keep The Hire Car Compass Hire Provide?

In respect to hire periods and process time frames, there are 2 possible routes. Firstly hire during repair period, you will keep the hire car during the time that your damaged vehicle is being repaired and not in a roadworthy condition. Secondly car hire after your car is written off, this means you keep the hire car until such time that your own vehicles pre-accident value, also known as insurance write off value, is paid out to the owner. Often we will provide hire up to 6 days after your vehicle payment has been made to give you time receive the cleared funds to your bank account.


What Type of Post Accident Hire Car Will I Receive?

The Compass Hire non fault car hire service will provide a vehicle of a similar size and standard to the owners own vehicle. We often will give you two options of vehicle type to ensure you are happy with the vehicle we provide. Hire vehicle type is always confirmed prior to delivery so you can confirm your exact requirement for hire vehicle type first. Our car hire vehicle fleet includes petrol, diesel, hybrid and now even all electric vehicles. With hire vehicle types covering all categories, from small cars to prestige saloons, commercial vehicles and specialist vehicles. What ever your hire vehicle requirement we will have a solution.


Claiming For Car Hire After A Non Fault Accident.

Car hire is one of the most common claims made after a non fault car accident. The cost of the temporary replacement hire vehicle is claimed back form the at fault drivers insurance company at standard rates. The non fault accident car hire service is available nationwide throughout the UK including Scotland and Northern Ireland, accidents outside of the UK will not be covered under the service. 


Claiming Car Hire After Non Fault Accident

You are entitled to receive a like for like hire car after a non fault car accident. If you are thinking of claiming for car hire after a non fault accident knowing your rights and entitlements to claim for a car hire is essential. We offer a hassle free solution for claiming car hire after an accident.