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Insurance Broker Support Services


Insurance Claims Outsourcing & Credit Hire, a new solution 

At Compass Hire provide high quality efficient, consistent service to victims of non fault road traffic accident.

Our service is simply a must have for Insurance intermediaries and brokers. With today's reduced margins in the motor insurance sector, competition with online comparison sites and increased direct advertising by the large insurers. The addition of extra products and services can really help the Independent Insurance business to stay one step ahead.

We provide a customer focused service and opportunities to increase revenue, being a Compass Hire Business Partner will undoubtedly set you apart from a crowded market.


Compass Hire Broker Support Services

All the above services can be white labelled to expand your current services at no extra cost, integrated to this is a legal help line, available 24hr a day with full incident management and legal advice on all aspects vehicle accident claims.


Compass Hire Credit Hire Fleet

Compass Hire vehicle fleet services enable us to provide both vehicle hire and courtesy vehicles (Fault and None fault) to customers throughout the UK, with vehicle delivery provided 7 days a week 365 days year (Broker Contract only), Compass are committed to helping both you and your customer, Compass will consider providing car hire when other companies my have refused, this is due to Compass not being factor backed company giving us the ability to put service before commercial restrictions, if its an important customer we will go the extra mile to ensure they are looked after.


Benefits Of Working With Compass Hire

Compass are dedicated to provide both you and your customer with a continued high standard of service. At Compass we feel working alongside us will:


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