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Accident Management for Accident Repair Centres

accident management for repair centres

Compass Hire provide both you and your customers with a variety of key services to enhance your own service offering.

Working with repair centres we provide full accident car hire / courtesy cars and non fault insurance claims services. With the integration of these services this creates new forms of revenue in return, we also have a vehicle damage repair scheme, no deductions, and paid within 4 days from receipt of a signed customer satisfaction note.


Working With Compass Hire

Compass Hire can produce reciprocal work for your business in return, we are always interested in joint local advertising strategies to strengthen our combined businesses in local markets.


Free On Site Courtesy Car

Compass Hire also provide a Body Shop courtesy vehicle scheme, with courtesy vehicles available to be kept on your site for new customer use. We have found over recent years this really helps give you a competitive advantage securing business that otherwise may have simply driven away with a copy of your repair estimate only to continue through their own insurance appointed repairer.

We find in the 2019 market place today, taking control in this way is a must. Call or complete the enquiry tab for further details on this service.


We Work In Partnership With You

Vehicle Accident Repair Centre’s are a fundamental part of the Compass Hire Service and essential business partners who provide us with the great repairer network we have today, expanding our repair centre network is always something we are happy to do as in gives customers an ever more local option for repairs.


Credit Hire Temporary Replacement Courtesy Car Service

Our service caters for fully comprehensive, fleet, self-insured and 3rd party insured drivers. Whether your customer drives a family saloon or a high performance sports car, we will provide a Like for Like replacement vehicle, ensuring the customer has the right vehicle to suit their requirement and allowing your own courtesy fleet be available for other new customers. 

Compass Hire can provide immediate vehicle hire in the event the customer vehicle is not road worthy due to the incident, customers will retain the hire vehicle until such time their vehicle is fulled repaired / returned to them, or until such time they receive a settlement cheque in relation to their vehicle write-off value.


Adding Value To Your Service

We were one of the first companies to introduce payment of recovery and storage invoices to repair centre’s, introducing new revenue streams as older vehicles were increasingly being written off. We work together with our repair partners on reciprocal arrangements, including passing repair work direct to our accident repair centres and vehicle bodyshop partners. 

Our service can provide your customers with a host of benefits while reducing your costs and generating additional business and revenue streams to your business.

So, whether the repair is..

Working together the Compass Hire service will help you reduce costs, retain customer loyalty, and increase revenue to your business.




Accident management for bodyshops

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Further Information & Operating Hours

The Compass services is provided 24hr 7 days a week.

Post non fault accident car hire, credit hire vehicle customer delivery carried out Monday to Friday 7am - 8pm and Saturday 7am - 2:30pm. Limited services are available on Sundays for Insurance broker and vehicle repair centre customers.

To find out more about our vehicle body repair centre support services including repair funding, post non fault accident car hire or post non fault accident courtesy car services please call now and a member of our team will be happy to help.